Why you should be Staying in a Hostel and not a Hotel. Traveling overseas can get to be rather pricey. Especially when heading to multiple destinations or for a long period of time. When saving money is an option, people tend to stay in a Hostel. One of the first questions to consider when planning a trip is “Where do we stay?” There are two options out there and they are staying in a Hotels or Hostels. I have been to many hotels and hostels in my time and have had my fair share of experiences with them.

The first thing to consider is who you go with, as if you are going on holiday with your family then a hostel may not be the greatest option unless you are traveling around and not staying in one place.

The most expensive option of the two is most definitely a hotel. If you are going on holiday for a short while and staying in one place. Then a hotel is the one you should pick.


Why Consider a Hotel?

Staying in a hotel provides you with the extra privacy that a hotel does not offer. Hotel staff is working to serve you and make you. They have some form of restaurant, bar or store in the hotel. The main luxury is getting Cleaners to make your bed and launder your towels daily. Some hotels come with competently breakfast that can save you money on food.

Depending on the hotel you pick some come with a gym for you gym fanatics so you don’t miss out when holiday. As well as this there may be a swimming pool that is great for the very hot days to relax in.  All the hotels come with a safe or secure place to put your valuables in to keep safe. This a big benefit as all the hostels I have stayed in don’t have a safe place for your variables.

In a nutshell, people often choose the hotel option when they’re looking for something more predictable and reliable with a high level of comfort and amenities and with family.

Why you should be Staying in a Hostel and not a Hotel


Why Consider staying in a Hostel?

Hostels are the one for travelers/Backpackers who are on a budget and want to send the least amount and little time in their room. If you are traveling in a small group or on your own. Then Hostel is for you as the rooms are dorm rooms where you are sharing a room with 6, 8 or even more depending on the hostel.

Sometimes the hostel offers a private room for that little bit extra.  Some hostel offers lockers that are available for storage of personal items but I have not been to one yet that offer this. Hostels come with a common area where all the travelers hang out to meet one another.

A few hostels I have been in have a room with computers to users.  The main advantage to choosing a hostel over a hotel is that the price is drastically lower than a hotel since you’re sharing a room, your safety isn’t as predictable as a private hotel room. As you are with random people so keep your belongings safe.

Why you should be Staying in a Hostel and not a Hotel

Making the Choice

There are many pros and cons to each of these.Your decision will likely vary based on your budget. where you’re going, and why you’re going. To help you summarize how to make this decision, consider this:

Hotels are a good choice if your budget is flexible. You’re optimizing for comfort and being catered to by staff. Also if you are going holiday with family a hotel will be better and cleaner than a hostel.

Hostels are a good choice if you’re really focused on saving money and meet and engage with other travelers. As well as this, if you are traveling around a country and not staying in one price. A hostel is a great place to get a room on an arrival.

So what about you? Have you tried any of the above- or even all of them? Let us know how our experience was in the comments below

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